Distressed Homeowners in need of a loan modification program that will help them lower their payments without refinancing. All of these homeowners are 1 -3 payments behind on their mortgage payment (30, 60, 90 days late). All homeowners are in high risk or escalating adjustable rate loans.

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Best Place for Loan Modification Leads

Our company provides quality mortgage loan modification leads nationally with options for Hot phone transferred calls designed for lending professionals look to help homeowners prevent foreclosures. Foreclosure and loan modification inquiries continue to rise. Get helpful advice on how to handle "turn-down" applicants with fresh quality modification leads and help homeowners prevent foreclosure. In most cases this type of lead is cheaper and thus more cost effective. Find out how mortgage companies have been succeeding with our loan mod leads.

With over two million homeowners expected to fall into foreclosure within the next year, the loan modification industry is booming! Power your business with our High Close Rate Loan Modification Leads. Our Loan Modification Leads contain over 20 fields of information. Homeowners are actively searching out loan modification help when they fill out our form.

Lead Criteria / Lead Parameters

  • Existing Mortgage Balance of 150k and above.
  • Must be atleast 1 month behind on the mortgage payments.
  • Must be either employed / self employed / retired with source of income.
  • Must be aware that this is a fee based program.
  • Must not be under current bankruptcy or foreclosure.
  • Must not have listed the property for sale.
  • Must have not previously done a modification on subject property within past 12 months.
  • Must not be working with anyone for loan modification.
  • Must have time and is willing to listen to the offer of the specialist.