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Why Choose Us !

Connect with motivated consumers seeking for mortgage, refinance, personal loan, Heath Insurance, etc.. We are domestic, full-service contact center to help connect you with qualified prospects and utilize superior services to close the gap between chasing a prospect and closing a transaction.

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a live transfer lead generation company is spearheaded with proficiency that has produced unsurpassed telemarketing and lead generation avenues in the industry. The reason for its avant-garde is based on the fact that we doubly validate all our leads before they reach you, and also because we have the necessary expertise and infrastructure that enables us to deliver the best quality live lead. We are an assortment of proficient call centre professionals from various fields like Operations, Business Development, Quality Control and Customer Service. We have the necessary experience and expertise that allows us to get double verified leads generated by us and things that are delivered to our customers through the most technologically advanced and sophisticated web-CRM / Portal. With our web CRM, you can view the entire lead information before you start speaking with the prospect.

Our Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Campaigns

Capturing and Simulating interest in your company's services or products for the purpose of developing leads. We are using TeleCalling media as our main source to create inbound leads.

B2B Lead Generation

When it comes to B2B lead generation, what really impacts the bottom line? Lead generation for B2B is not about chasing a “secret method” that results in a ton of leads, It's the strategy.

Exclusive Live Transfers

Never talk to cold, Our live transfer leads have the best close rate in the industry. We can start sending qualified prospects directly to your closers right away!