A nationwide leader in online insurance leads generation for insurance agents, we provide real-time Internet-generated leads.

Life insurance Leads Direct, purchase online by location, age, and much more from Manage Transfers, we provide fresh and quality leads, 24x7 account access, no minimum contract or purchase, return policies and target filters. you can find the right type of life insurance lead for your business.

We Makes Finding Insurance Prospects Easier

We delivers high-quality, high-intent insurance leads, from real consumers who are actively seeking the products you sell.

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Best Life Insurance Leads from Manage Transfers

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Lead Criteria / Lead Parameters

  • Employed and Decision maker
  • Age not above 65 years
  • Interested in Life Insurance - a new policy or looking for additional cover
  • No Obama-care / No Unemployed / No Student / No Medicare / No Medicaid / No Pregnant / No Smokers / No Pre-existing conditions
  • In case, looking for Individual Policy - should be able to afford atleast $150 per month
  • In case, looking for Family Policy - should be able to afford atleast $300 per month
  • Monthly household income of $2500 or more