we provide you with the facility of specialized IRS Tax Settlement Live Lead Transfers. We have been into this lead generation business for many years now and we have a long list of satisfied clientele who know that we provide for double verified IRS Tax debt live leads who are actually in need of settlement plans. Since the leads are qualified and are most reliable therefore you do not have to make cold calls to them to figure out their relevance to ensure that they do need any IRS Tax Debt Settlements or not? That implies for a 100 % relevance of the leads to our clients as such! Though they are double verified by us but we also assure for a replacement guarantee for the leads that do not work out, although the chances of that are highly remote as there are in house verification to ensure that there are no bad leads, and also so that we are able to provide for the best high quality leads to all our clients.

Though one has to consider the seriousness of the debt settlements by IRS, but you do not have to think that there is no option in regards to the IRS Tax Relief from taxes, there is always aid at hand that can help you to reach at a compromise. Therefore the only option; which is also highly reliable for the people is to consider companies like ours that work as mediators to connect you to the clients that would help you to absolve your debt related issues in all cases. We are definitely very effective solution providers for our clients too; as we provide for call verified IRS Tax Relief Live Transfers Leads to prove their efficacy to them as such!

Lead Criteria / Lead Parameters

  • Must be either employed / self employed / retired with source of income so as to afford the program cost.
  • $10k+ tax debt amount.
  • Must be aware that this is a fee based service.
  • Must not be working with any other tax relief services for the resolution of their tax problem.
  • Must not be under any payment plan or bankruptcy.
  • Must have time and is willing to listen to the offer of the specialist.