Generating health insurance leads is no different than generating any other kind of business lead. Manage Transfers Precise Leads generates detailed health insurance leads from high-intent consumers.

We provide extremely high-quality health insurance leads, using industry-leading technology to deliver exceptional results for our customers.

Health Insurance Leads That Convert

With all the changes to health insurance in recent years, more people than ever are shopping for health insurance online and looking for experienced agents to answer their questions and help them find the best plan. Manage Transfers generates thousands of health insurance leads per day in every state, and from all types of consumers. We have leads looking to buy major medical health insurance, short-term plans, on or off exchange, with our without subsidies, and with or without Qualifying Life Events. Our powerful filters and buyer dashboard make it easy to target the exact health insurance leads you want.

Leads for Every Strategy

Shared leads are low-cost leads that are sold to a maximum of 5 agents, but normally sell to 2-3 agents. These are perfect for high-volume call centers.

Exclusive leads are sold to a single agent, and therefore have a higher closing rate than shared leads. They work best for individual agents and small to mid-size agencies that want to keep their sales pipeline full of high-converting leads.

Live Transfers Also known as Warm Transfers, these are leads that are on the phone looking to buy right now, and have confirmed they have time to speak to an agent. Filter on income and medical conditions to get the exact Live Transfers you want.

Lead Criteria / Lead Parameters

  • Employed and Decision maker.
  • Age not above 65 years.
  • Monthly household income of $2500 or more.
  • In case, they are looking for Individual Policy - should be able to afford atleast $150 per month.
  • In case, they are looking for Family Policy (Family of 2) - should be able to afford atleast $200 per month.
  • In case, they are looking for Family Policy (Family of 3 or more) - should be able to afford atleast $250 per month.
  • Must not be covered by or wanting coverage with Medicare, Medicaid or any other govt based coverage.
  • Best prospect will be previously insured who were dropped by their carrier because of ACA non-conformity with plan.
  • No Obama care / No Unemployed / No Student / No Medicare / No Medicaid / No Pregnant / No Smokers / No Pre-existing conditions.