The best way for reverse mortgage lenders or businesses to acquire new customers is through reverse mortgage live transfers, which are also referred to as reverse mortgage leads. Providers of reverse mortgage live transfers collect leads and deliver them to lenders. As a result, lenders are not required to exert any effort. Reverse mortgage leads are the ideal answer to your quest for more customers if you run a reverse mortgage company. At Manage Transfers, we offer genuine Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers leads to leading mortgage business firms. Our leads are superb, considering the accuracy we warrant in terms of authenticity and validity. Over the years, we have been collaborating with our clients, providing double verified leads to boost their business. We believe in establishing long-term relationships with the industry-leaders, rather than one-time business partnerships.

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Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers Services
What is Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers?
Get Exclusive & Varified Reverse Mortgage Leads
What are the Advantages Of Our Reverse Mortgage Leads?
Why Choose ManageTransfers for Reverse Mortgage Live Leads?
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We lead the industry from the front in terms of quality of leads. You can buy Real Time Leads from Manage Transfers at the most cost-effective prices. Our mortgage firms are capitalizing on these hot leads that can secure them great returns. You too, can be a part of this progressive industry, when you partner us for call verified leads. Each of our reverse mortgage leads is pre-qualified for the intent level, age and equity. We verify the value of these properties on authentic websites, before dispatching the leads.

Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers Services

With our reverse mortgage leads, you can enjoy a manifold increment in the productivity of your business. Presently, the reverse mortgage market is guided by several age-restrictions and regulations. Our experience in this niche-market enables us to generate reverse mortgage live transfers that are highly reliable and authentic. Our in-house verification process and order scheduling ease up the business for mortgage companies working with us. In case you are planning to collaborate with an established live reverse mortgage lead provider, simply convey your aspirations to us.

At Manage Transfers, you will find the right mix of price-competitiveness and quality of leads. Expand your business in style, drawing immense benefits from our reverse mortgage Live leads. Our seasoned campaigners have been relentless in ensuring the best quality in the leads we provide. With our fool-proof mechanism and authentic information, we make sure that your agents do not have to make cold calls.Translate your business potential to reality with us.

What is Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers?

A Reverse mortgage live transfer provides high conversion chances due to its exclusivity and customization. There is no prior contact from any reverse mortgage lender on these leads. As soon as it is transferred to you, this prospect knows that you can help him/her and is eagerly awaiting your response. That makes it easier for you to pitch your services.

Reverse Mortgage Live Transfers

Find the exclusive reverse mortgage leads at Manage Transfers

At, we have been in the Reverse mortgage live transfer business for almost a decade. It is our goal to generate more interest in the program by verifying the details and going into depth. Using opt-in information, we will verify customer details and their level of interest before transferring them to a reverse mortgage specialist.

What are the advantages of our reverse mortgage leads?

  1. Our Reverse mortgage leads are high-quality.
  2. Costs for reverse mortgage leads are potentially reasonable.
  3. Due to our reverse mortgage live transfers lead, you don't have to spend a lot of money.
  4. You will not be charged any hidden fees.
  5. We never invalidate reverse mortgage leads, and you can get a refund easily.
  6. We provide double verified leads, so it is easy for you to contact them.

Why Choose ManageTransfers for Reverse Mortgage Live Leads?

We focus on generating validated reverse mortgage live transfers leads for our partners, ensuring that they can increase in the competitive mess in the industry. The reverse mortgage loan business is booming, and we have established our unique research mechanism to generate these leads. These reverse mortgage Leads include homeowners aged above 62, who are looking for loans against their home equity without selling off the property. Some people are also interested to take on a new payment as mortgage on a monthly basis, or give up the title. You can immensely benefit from our verified live lead transfers and tap the potential clients.

For new or independent mortgage brokers, provide a fast way to get leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Reverse Mortgage Loan?

Reverse Mortgage Loan (RML) is a Scheme created by the National Housing Bank (NHB) to help Senior Citizens (people over the age of 60 years) to benefit of periodical installments from a lender against the mortgage of his/her house while staying the proprietor and inhabitant of the home. The borrowers are not needed to support the loan during their lifetime and, consequently, don't make month to month reimbursements of head and interest to the lender.

Why to chose Manage Transfers for your Reverse Mortgage Loan?

Manage Transfers has its own outsider check community where all Live Transfers are evaluated for the second time before they contact you. Our Double Verification Process confirms every single Live Transfer and Exclusive Live Leads twice for littlest mistakes and defects.

What are the eligibility criteria for benefiting a RML?

The eligibility criteria are as per the following:

  • Citizen over 60 years old.
  • Couples will be qualified as joint borrowers for joint help. In such cases, the age criteria for the couple would be at the prudence of the RML lender, liable to somewhere around one of them being over 60 years old and the other not under 55 years old.
  • Ought to be the proprietor of a private property (house or level) with clear title demonstrating the forthcoming borrower's responsibility for property.
  • The private property ought to be liberated from any encumbrances.
  • The leftover existence of the property ought to be something like 20 years.
  • The planned borrower(s) should utilize that private property as long-lasting main living place.
When does a RML become due for reimbursement?

A RML will become due and payable just when the last enduring borrower passes away or for all time moves out of the house. The loan may, notwithstanding, be obligated to abandonment on the event of specific occasions of default.

What if the borrower outlives the loan tenure?

The borrower will stay the proprietor of the house property and need not assistance the loan during his/her lifetime as long as the property is utilized as main living place. Priodic installments under RML will stop after the finish of the loan residency. Interest will gather until reimbursement. On death of the borrower or when he/she moves out of the house for all time, the loan will be reimbursed out of the deal continues of the mortgaged house.

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Apart from these services we are also providing Health Insurance Live Transfers, MCA Live Transfers and VA mortgage live transfers. For any inquiry kindly contact us.